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Why Uber For Handyman?

RebuHandy is an on-demand multiple service booking script that allows customers to book the instant services they need at their doorstep. As people prefer to purchase everything online, why shouldn't they enjoy the service by booking online? Moreover, it reduces the time they take to search for the service providers and book the one instantly using their gadgets. Thus the Uber for Handyman Clone (RebuHandy) is for the entrepreneurs who want to run an On-demand service booking business. With effective software comprising efficient features, one can run this on-demand business successfully without any loss. Our RebuHandy, developed by a team of professionals from our company, meets the customer's requirements by offering professional service providers. Let us dive furthermore to know about the features and the services that are available in the RebuHandy.

Why Choose us?

App Optimization

Our team of experts will optimize the app, which enhances your app's rankings on the store and the efficiency of your app.

Multiple Payment Modes

Various payment gateways (Stripe, Paypal, Razor, etc. ) incorporated in our app help the customers to make the payment easily at their convenience.

Free App Submission

Leave your worries about app submission in the store. Our experts will take care of your app submission process for free.

Free Technical Support

Feel free to contact our expert developers if in case you face any technical issues. We offer free technical support to our clients.

Free License & Source code

Once the customer purchases our products, we provide the complete source code to them. We also offer license keys to them for free.

Excellent UI/UX Designs

We provide our customers with the best and eye-catchy UI/UX Designs. Thus meet out the client's requirements and ensure the app's rankings.

Cost-Effective Development

As we have a ready-made clone script of Uber for Handyman, RebuHandy, the time and the cost to develop the app get reduced.

User-friendly Features

Our developers have enabled user-friendly features in the app that allow the customers to access the app quickly without any struggle.

What do we offer?

Customer Panel

The Customer Panel being the front-end panel for the customers, should be user-friendly and easily accessible. Our developers will develop the app in that way to attract more customers.

Handyman Panel

The Handyman Panel should have many features that let the service providers spend less time finding the customers for their services. We developed our app in such a way as to meet out their queries.

Admin Panel

The Admin Panel holds complete control of the business flow. Our developers ensure the workflow so that it is profitable for both the Handyman and the admin.

Android Apps

We offer our clients the android app for this on-demand multiple service booking business. Our native Android app is available for both the customers and the handymen.

iOS Apps

To ensure the accessibility of RebuHandy across all platforms, our experts develop the app in the iOS platform. And also, the app is available in iOS for both the customers & the handymen.

Uber for Handyman Customer App Features

Book your Service

The customer app contains a book your service feature through which the customer can select the type of service they require.


The customers should fill in their address and contact details during registration to avoid filling whenever the Handyman accesses their details.

Handyman List

The Handyman List is an option where the customer can check the details of all the professionals, including their name, contact details, experience, etc.

Handyman Selection

From the Handyman list, the customers can select their favorite by checking out their experience details, ratings received, and location details.

Schedule the Service

In our RebuHandy app, the customers can schedule the services (weekly, monthly, or anytime) they require for future use to avoid any overlaps.


One of the best features of the Uber clone for Handyman is that the customer can add their favorite Handyman to the favorites list to avoid searching for them in the future.

Real-time Tracking

The customers can track their Handyman's live location once they accept their service request. This Real-time tracking option also gives their Expected Time of Arrival.

Payment Services

The RebuHandy app has multiple payment options through which the customers can pay their bills to the Handyman. Either they can use pay by cash, card, or wallet, or using the available payment gateways.

Standard Features of Uber For Handyman

Profile Creation

The service providers who have registered themselves in the Handyman app can create a profile of their own. The profile indicates their past services, experience in their field, Specialization of services.


The Handyman app has an Availability feature, in which they can change their availability status and receive the requests based on the availability during the hectic period also.

Service Listings

The Service Listings option lists the past and the future services that have been done and yet to do. That helps the Handyman to keep track of the list of services.

In-app Chat

One of the must-have features of the Handyman app is the In-app chat option. Through this, the Handyman can get to know about the customer's details & queries.

Service Request

As the Handyman has registered themselves while logging in, the customer will get notified of them whenever they search for that particular Specialization. The Handyman will receive the service request whenever the customer chooses him.

Payment History

The Payment History option in RebuHandy lets the Handyman keep track of their Payment details. They can check for pending payments in this Payment history option.

Service History

Our Uber for Handyman Clone has a Service History option. This option holds all the details of the services like the type of service, Pending service, completed service, etc.

Ratings & Reviews

The most important feature for any on-demand business is the Ratings & Reviews option. Most of the customers prefer the Ratings & Reviews feature to opt for a Handyman.

Uber for Handyman Admin Panel Features


Our RebuHandy admin panel has an efficient dashboard that displays all the reports and the statistics of services. That includes ongoing services, pending services, etc.

Manage Handyman

Manage Handyman option in the RebuHandy's Admin panel lets the admin check and manage the profile and the services listings of all the registered Handymen.

Skill Validation

The admin panel has a feature that lets them validate the skillset of the registered service providers. They can check & verify the documents provided by the Handyman during registration here.


The admin can create, manage, or delete the service categories in this module. They can also set the qualifications needed to approve them as a specialist.

Payment History

The Payment History Module in the admin panel maintains all the records of the payments, such as payment type, payment mode, to the service providers.

Commission Management

The RebuHandy admin panel has an add-on feature, Commission Management, that maintains all the commission amount deducted for each service provided.

Handyman Alert

Whenever the admin and the Handyman receive a request from the customer for any services, the admin can manually alert the Handyman using this feature.

Handyman Categorization

The admin is authorized to categorize the service providers based on the ratings and reviews received from the customers. This categorization of Handyman increases the service requests to them.

Services available in our Uber For Handyman


Get the Maids to the customer's kitchen by creating an online space for their services.


Help the stressful lifestylers to book online massage services by creating a category for them in RebuHandy.


You can create a category for tutors with scheduling options so that numerous students can gain out of it.

Lawn Mowers

Get the Lawn done for your users without struggling by searching for the best Lawn Mowers in the town.

Interior Decorators

Now your users can check for the best Interior Decorators and book them online without searching them manually.


Now you can avail the carpentry services to your customers at their doorsteps.

Car Repair

Anytime or anywhere, you can fix the car repairs of your users by creating a category online for all the automobile mechanics.


Offer laundry services to your customers by gathering laundry service providers under one roof.


Accumulate the barber's community and allocate the hair grooming service requests for them.

Beauty Services

Gather the beauticians under one roof and provide beauty services to the customers who request online.

Baby Sitting

Your customers may struggle to find a babysitter for their babies. Relieve their stress by creating a community for them online.


Create a solution for those who need immediate assistance with their electrical appliances online.

How to Monetize Uber for Handyman App?

Registration Fee

The admin can collect some money from the handymen while they register themselves on this app. Also, they can charge them for the verification process.

Cancellation Charge

When the customers cancel the service without any proper reason or by violating the business norms, the admin can collect cancellation charges.

Priority Fee

If the Handyman wants to get prioritized amongst others, they can pay a priority fee to the admin. The admin will suggest their name to the customers when they have requirements.


The admin can charge a specific amount for the Handyman to advertise their services in the portal. If any click gets converted to a customer, the admin will receive a commission amount also.

Pricing Plan

Features List Lite Pro Enterprise
100% Customizable Source Code
Free One Time installation
Technical support
Free support
Native Mobile App
Multi Domain License
Admin Web Panel
Custom Currency Integration
Multilingual Integration
Default Payment Gateway(Stripe)
Customised Payment Gateway
Bug Resolve
Apps Submission
White label
Website Frontend Panel
CMS Pages
SEO Friendly
Blast email to users
General settings

Frequently Asked Questions

RebuHandy is on-demand multi-service booking software that accumulates a variety of services lists from which the user can benefit.

By contacting our support team via Email, WhatsApp, or Skype, you can always get the demo at your convenience.

Yes, of course. Our developers will customize the product based on your needs. The thing you have to do is explain your requirements clearly.

Your idea will be highly confidential, as our development takes place in a closed area. Moreover, We will sign NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) before the project begins.

We have a dedicated technical team that caters to the needs of our clients. They provide 24/7 support, and you can contact them at [email protected]

Yes. We have customized our product in such a way that it supports multiple languages and multiple currencies.

Yes. We have a separate development team for Android & iOS. So, we will provide Android & iOS apps, along with an admin panel for all products.

Once you make a purchase, we will provide you with the complete source code. With that source code, you can edit, modify, customize our script as per your wish.

Server Configuration for RebuHandy

Server Requirements

Nodejs Server
  1. Nodejs Version 8
  2. NPM Version 3
  3. Firebase Billing Account
  1. Nginx server (Optional For Proxy)
  2. Linux/Unix
  1. MongoDB 3

Technology Used

  1. MongoDB
  2. ExpressJs
  3. AngularJs
  4. NodeJs

Demo Details


Web Demo

Avail of our web demo from the experts of our company. You may find it interesting as they explain every little feature in detail.

Mobile Demo

Our customers can get the best RebuHandy Mobile app demo from the best technicians in our company.


Technologies Used

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