Table of contents

1) Introduction of Doordash

2) Success of Doordash

3) What is the Doordash clone script?

4) Top 5 Doordash clone script

5) Features of Doordash clone 

6) Wrap up

Introduction of Doordash:

Doordash is an online food ordering and delivery software that operates in California. The idea behind the doordash product is to let the customer order their favorite foods from the listed restaurant on their website or mobile application.

The success of Doordash:

As of Dec 2022, The Doordash platform consists of 450,000 merchants and more than 20,000,000 consumers, with 1 million deliveries [ Data source – Wikipedia ]. And also, its net worth is around 3 billion dollars.

The success of the Doordash product has encouraged many entrepreneurs to start a food ordering business like Doordash. To help entrepreneurs start a food business instantly, many websites and mobile app development companies have developed ready-made scripts for Doordash products.

What is a Doordash clone script?

Doordash clone script is the idea of developing a software product that works like Doordash. The end-user of the apps like Doordash is an entrepreneur looking to start a business like it. In a apps like Doordash, there are four stakeholders, They are,

Stakeholders of an apps like Doordash:

  1. Admin / Owner of the product
  2. Delivery boy
  3. Customer
  4. Restaurant / Partner

To help those entrepreneurs, I’ll list the top 5 Doordash clone scripts in the business right now. Here are they,

Top 5 Doordash Clone Scripts in the business:

  1. FoodStar
  2. RebuEats
  3. Appdupe’s Doordash clone script
  4. E-Delivery
  5. Turnkey town’s Doordash clone script

All the above listed are food ordering software products. Go through each product and start your own business like Doordash instantly.

I’ll also list the features required in the Doordash clone script. Here are they,

Admin panel features of Doordash clone:

  1. Dashboard analytics
  2. Manage admin
  3. Manage food cuisines, partners, customers
  4. Orders report
  5. Ratings & Review

Dashboard analytics:

The dashboard is one of the primary components in Doordash clone software. Using a Dashboard, we can quickly assess all the reports like Payment, Customers, Delivery boy, Partners, & many more.

Manage admin:

Manage admin option allows the admin to add new admins to the product. And also, they can remove anyone from the product instantly.

Manage food cuisines, partners, customers:

It is one of the essential options for an admin. This option lets the admin add, remove, update, search food cuisines, partners, customers, etc.

Order reports:

The complete report of transactions, payment transactions, customers, delivery boys, partner/restaurants are available here. This option allows the admin to view reports instantly.

Ratings & Reviews:

Ratings & reviews are also one of the primary options in a Doordash clone script. This option provides a platform for customers to share their feedback via ratings and rating options. A customer can share feedback about both delivery boys and restaurants. 

Customer panel features of Apps like Doordash:

  1. Browse restaurants, categories
  2. Real-time order tracking
  3. Multiple addresses
  4. Promo codes
  5. Notification

Browse restaurants, Categories:

It is one of the primary features to look forward to in an online food ordering script. It allows the customers to search their favorite restaurants and categories. 

Real-time order tracking:

Real-time order tracking is one of the advanced features in online food ordering software like doordash. It allows the customer to track their orders using the in-built Google map feature available in the Doordash clone script.

Multiple addresses:

A customer can update multiple addresses to the Doordash clone script like work address, home address, etc. It helps the customer to select an address quickly. 

Promo codes:

Promo codes are one of the primary features to consider in a Doordash clone script. It helps the admin to bring more users to the product. And also provides promo codes and offers to the customers.


Notification helps the customers to know about the current status of the order. And also, whenever there is a status change, the Doordash clone script sends the notification alert to the corresponding customers.

Partner / Restaurant features of Doordash clone app:

  1. Registration
  2. Orders / Payment management
  3. Status management
  4. Reports management


A restaurant partner can register with Doordash clone product, share their food menu, and earn money instantly. While partner registration, the corresponding partner need to furnish documents to the admin.

Orders / Payment management:

A restaurant can quickly browse through the orders and payment details. And also, provides the summary of each order with tax details, delivery boy payment, etc.

Status management:

The restaurants can update the order status while accepting the orders from the customers and delivering the order to the delivery boy. 

Reports management:

All the reports of the restaurants are available here. 

Delivery boy features of Apps like Doordash:

  1. Accept / Reject option
  2. In-app call / chat
  3. Set availability mode
  4. Feedback

Accept / Reject option:

It is one of the primary features of a delivery boy app. By using this accept/reject option, a delivery boy has the power to reject an order request from the online food ordering software.

In-app call / chat:

The delivery can contact the corresponding customer using the in-app call/chat option available in the Doordash clone script. 

Set availability mode:

A delivery boy can set their availability mode to online/offline using the toggle available in the Doordash clone software. It helps the delivery boy while in emergencies. 


A customer can provide feedback to the delivery boy after the delivery. It helps the delivery boy to improve their skills.

Wrap up

Make sure all the above-listed features are in your ready-made Doordash clone software. 

I hope I have given a clear perspective of the Doordash clone product. 

Thanks for reading this blog!

Good luck!

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