In a world dominated by smartphones, mobile applications play a vital part in the business world. Most of today’s businesses are using mobile applications to grow their business globally. Among those taxi booking apps is one of the most used applications. Uber, Lyft, and Grab are some of the best taxi management software around the world.

If you are looking to build taxi management software, this blog will guide you through the process involved.

Before starting to build an online taxi management software, make sure you pick the technology. Here are the most popular technologies required to build taxi management software. They are,

Technologies required to build a Taxi management software

1) MongoDB [ For database ]

2) Express.js

3) Angular.js

4) Node.js

5) Nexmo

6) Twilio [ For 2-step verification ]

7) Stripe [ For Payment Gateway ]

8) Braintree [ For Payment Gateway ]

9) Swift

10) Java

Generally, taxi management software consists of four stakeholders. These stakeholders are required to build taxi management software. Here are they,

Stakeholders available in Taxi Management Software

1) Admin Panel

2) Rider App

3) Driver App

4) Dispatcher Panel [Optional]

Unique Features of Taxi Management Software in Admin panel

1) God’s view

2) Carpooling / share a taxi

3) Live meter

4) Heat map

5) Ride later

God’s view

God’s view is a unique option in an online taxi management software app. It shows the live location of a taxi to the admin. This option is helpful in case of emergencies.

Carpooling / share taxi

Carpooling / Sharing a taxi is a concept of sharing a taxi ride with fellow riders. It helps a rider by less taxi fare, less toll gate, less pollution, etc. According to the latest stats, every entrepreneur wants to upgrade their taxi booking app with the carpooling option.

Live meter

The live meter is one of the unique features. It shows the live taxi fare to the corresponding rider via the taxi management app. If you are an entrepreneur looking to start an online taxi management software business, then a live taxi meter is one of the unique options to update.

Heat map

It is one of the unique options available for the RebuStar admin panel. The heat map shows the taxi activity to the admin. It helps the admin to understand the high to low activity locations via a Google map. By using the understanding, the admin can focus more on the fewer activity areas.

Ride later

Rider later allows a rider to schedule a ride for their future purposes. It is helpful for a rider to plan for an event or function.

Features in Rider App

1) Real-time navigation

2) Scheduled booking

3) Wallet payment

4) Booking history

5) Estimation fare calculation

Real-time navigation

It shows the real-time navigation of the system to the corresponding rider via the Google map feature. A real-time navigation system helps the rider and driver to know the live location of each other.

Scheduled booking

A rider can schedule their rides to the destination points accordingly so that they don’t need to worry about missing a train or bus.

Wallet payment

Riders can add their money to their wallet in the taxi management script. It helps the riders to pay the amount after their taxi ride using the wallet option.

Booking history

Booking history shows the complete taxi booking history of a corresponding rider. A rider can sort the ride history by date, day, and time.

Estimation fare calculation

It is one of the unique features that must be available in every taxi management software. Estimation fare calculation shows the fare estimate before the start of the ride to the corresponding rider instantly.

Features in Driver App

1) Online / Offline

2) In-app call / chat

3) Work history

4) Review and ratings

5) Feedback

Online / Offline

A driver can switch between the online/offline option using this option. It is helpful in emergencies. A driver can toggle offline in case they are unable to accept a ride.

In-app call / chat

After accepting the ride, the driver can communicate with the corresponding rider using the phone’s default message and call apps. This option helps the driver to understand the location of the rider instantly.

Work history

It shows the complete work history of the driver. They can sort the options by day, date, and week.

Review and ratings

After the ride, Both the rider and the driver can share reviews and ratings about each other.


It is one of the unique options of the driver app. A driver can share their feedback about the rider to the admin. If there is any case of violent behavior, they can report it to the admin using this feature. Admin can ban that corresponding rider from the taxi management software.

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