The on-demand food delivery platform, as we are well aware, is a booming business. Could it get any more simple than for us to get our favorite food delivered with a few taps? From satiating our food cravings instantly to saving us time, food delivery apps bring convenience to our lives.

COVID-19 steered the on-demand food delivery business to a whole new light. With the lockdowns imposed, people had to have their food delivered, as they could no longer dine in restaurants. More than anything, this led to the substantial growth of the food delivery market.
The on-demand food delivery market continues to grow in value post-pandemic.

Food delivery apps connect users with restaurants in their locale. Without a doubt, they have become integral, for they make food ordering easy. A detailed look at how a food delivery app works and the business model will give insights into how to build an app like Swiggy. Here, we discuss how to build an app like Swiggy.

Swiggy: A Strong Player in the Food Delivery Platform

Swiggy is one of the well-known players in the on-demand food delivery market. The founders decided to build Swiggy after sensing the potential of the online food delivery platform. That is how Swiggy began its operations in 2014. It was a time when there were still very few players.
Swiggy says its mission is to “Elevate the quality of life for the urban consumer with unparalleled convenience. “

Swiggy initially partnered with very few restaurants. Its delivery executives were no more than ten. The food delivery platform managed to deliver 35 orders in the first month. Swiggy slowly began to double and triple its deliveries, and in 2015 received its first funding of 2 million.

In 2019, Swiggy went on to expand at a fast rate providing services to 500 cities from 100. The following year saw Swiggy further expanding its services. Thus were born Swiggy Instamart and Swiggy Genie.

What is a Swiggy Clone App?

The success of Swiggy is evident in the fact that many entrepreneurs have been showing interest in starting a business like Swiggy. The result is an increase in demand for building apps like Swiggy. Further, growth projections show that online food delivery will reach US$1.5 trillion by 2027.

An app like Swiggy connects users with restaurants, making it easy for them to place their orders. We no longer have to fret about waiting in long queues to take away our orders, for an app like Swiggy does it for you!

How Does an App Like Swiggy Work?

An app like Swiggy follows a hyperlocal delivery model. The food delivery app lists restaurants and their menus. One can find even more details like the price of dishes listed and the operating hours of restaurants. Users can filter their searches by entering certain restaurants or food items in the search bar. The search results show instantly. Reviews and ratings help users decide on their food. They can then proceed to pay for their orders.

People prefer ordering food on an app like Swiggy for many reasons. It saves time and relieves them from having to wait in long queues. A Swiggy-like app promises quick delivery. Also, enabling people to choose a mode of payment is a critical factor that leaves people preferring an app like Swiggy to order food.

Feature Set of an App Like Swiggy

An app like Swiggy is a three-way marketplace. The three user groups are consumers, restaurants, and delivery executives.

Customer App

Restaurant Details

Users can find the restaurants on the homepage of the food delivery app. In addition, details like the operating hours of restaurants and the dishes they provide are available on apps like Swiggy.

Search by Category

It enables users to search for a particular restaurant or dish listed on the Swiggy-like app.

Push Notifications

It enables users to receive notifications regarding details of their orders and other messages the food delivery app sends to its users.

Payment Integrations

Swiggy-like apps come with integrated payment gateways. It improves customer experience. Users can select the ‘cash on delivery’ option as well.

Order Status

Customers can view the status of their orders. Apps like Swiggy also enable them to track their order.

Reviews and Ratings

Apps like Swiggy allow users to leave reviews and ratings. It helps other users make an informed choice.

Restaurant App

Restaurant Profile

Restaurants can set up their profiles on the Swiggy-like app. It includes relevant details of the eatery.

Menu Management

Restaurants can manage their menus by adding or removing items. Categorizing the food makes it easy for customers when they place orders.

Availability Status

It lets the Swiggy clone app users know the availability of food. If a particular food item is about to run out, helping users to know about it is vital.

Order Management

Customers may want to know the status of their orders. Restaurants update if the food is being prepared or ready for delivery to help with this.


It enables restaurants to view orders and their status. Restaurateurs can get to know if an order has been made or canceled.

Sales Report Analysis

Data on sales can be beneficial to a business. It gives them insights into what was preferred the most, the days with the most orders, and the like.

Delivery Partner App


Delivery partners can update their details on an app like Swiggy. Their data is crucial. The delivery partners can sign in with their email or phone number.

Instant Notifications

The delivery partners receive notifications when they are assigned to deliver an order. Along with it, they can also view order details and delivery locations.

Availability for Service

Delivery partners can let the admin know of their availability. Further, it is up to them to choose or decline an order based on their convenience.

GPS Navigation

It helps the delivery partners navigate the customer address to deliver the order. This feature mainly aids in guiding them in locations unfamiliar to them.

Call Option

This feature lets delivery partners call the customers if need be. For instance, when delivery partners cannot locate the delivery address precisely, they may want to contact the customer.

Payments Sections

Delivery partners can check their earnings in this section of the Swiggy clone app. They can also get to know if they are eligible for a bonus.

Admin Panel

Manage Restaurant List

Admins manage the list of restaurants registered on an app like Swiggy. They can add or remove restaurants. Moreover, admins can also monitor how they operate.

Manage Customers and Delivery Partners

The admin is responsible for managing the details of the users of the Swiggy clone app. In other words, the admin can view the details of the users of their app.

Language Settings

Users can operate the app in their preferred language. Making an app available in many languages is critical in expanding the customer base.

App Updates

App updates provide new features to the users. With the latest versions, users can access a whole new set of features, enhancing their experience.

Referral Code

Customers can earn points or get good deals when they refer the Swiggy clone app to others. It is an effective marketing strategy to increase the customer base.

Revenue Streams of an App Like Swiggy


Advertisements are one of the prime sources of income for food delivery apps. Swiggy-like apps charge restaurants to advertise their business. Advertising is how food delivery apps make a bulk of revenue.

Delivery Charges

Restaurants that do not offer delivery services use delivery partners working with an app like Swiggy. In return for this service, food delivery apps get paid a certain amount.


For every order made, an app like Swiggy charges some amount as a commission. Customers, along with their restaurant bill, pay some amount as commission charges.

Surge Price

An app like Swiggy charges extra on days when the demand is high. Customers pay a higher amount than they usually pay for their orders. It is another one of the ways for the food delivery apps to see profits.

How much does it cost to build an app like Swiggy?

Many factors go into deciding the cost of building an app like Swiggy. The following are some of the factors that determine the price:

App Platform: The cost of building an app like Swiggy varies with different platforms.

App Design: The design of an app like Swiggy also is a deciding factor. The layout of the food delivery apps has to be more engaging and should boost the user experience. So depending on the client’s requirements, the cost of building an app like Swiggy changes.

App Functionality: Every business will have goals that they will look to achieve. They can include their own set of unique features while building an app like Swiggy. With distinctive features, a business can make an impression on app users.

App Developers: The Developer’s experience and expertise determine the cost. Also, developers’ charges vary with countries.

A basic version of an app like Swiggy ranges from $5000 to $10000. A fully developed app may go up as high as $35000. Get in touch with us to know more. To understand the concepts of the app better, we provide app wireframes.


The on-demand food delivery platform is a booming industry. People’s preferences changing and their leaning toward food delivery apps have so much to do with the expansion. So it is only natural for entrepreneurs to decide to make hay while the sun shines. Get your business going with our Swiggy clone app. We rigorously work to help our clients meet their business requirements.

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