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What is Car rental script?

Car rental script is a readymade software that helps startups and entrepreneurs to start a business instantly. It acts as a marketplace between the customer and the car renters. A car renter can signup & upload their car details with required documents and rent their cars.

Standard features of Car Rental Script

SEO friendly URLs

Get good search engine rankings with optimized SEO friendly URLs.

Responsive design

Design adjustable to all the screen sizes like Tablet, Desktop, and Mobile, etc.,

Dashboard management

Dashboard management displays all the analytics reports in the admin panel.

Page management

Manage all the pages in the admin panel like editing page titles, descriptions, keywords, etc.

Menu management

Manage your menus of the product. By this option, You can add, edit, delete the menu.

User management

Admin can assign roles based on the users with this user management option.

Blast email to users

Send bulk emails to the users in the subscriber list by using this option.

General Settings

All the main technical admin panel controls will be under this option.

Unique features of our Car Rental Script

Car management

Admin can manage the cars and can approve or disapprove a car listing at any moment.

Real-time Tracking

A car owner can track their car by using the Google map features embedded in the front-end panel.

Document verification

A driver to get registered in the car rental script needs to get his/her documents with Admin.

Advanced calendar module

This module is useful for booking and reservation of the cars in real-time

Instant booking

Instant booking is available to reduce the time waiting for booking.

Panel of user and host

In our car rental script, there is a separate panel for users and hosts.

Payment integration

We have embedded stripe, PayPal gateway in our car rental software.

Google map integration

We have integrated a Google map to track all the drivers.

Watermark Feature

Watermark feature is available in all car images to prevent others from stealing your pictures.

Notification Alert

An alert notification message is available whenever there is a status update.

Rating and Reviews

Customers can provide reviews and ratings to car owners.

User app Features in Airbnb for Car Rentals

Advanced search module

A user can filter out cars based on features, functionality, pricing, car model type, etc.

In-build messaging

Our car rental script has the inbuilt messaging option, which lets the customers chat with the car owners.

Real-time GPS tracking

All Car owners can track rented cars by using real-time GPS tracking.

Multiple currency and language support

Our car rental script supports multiple currencies and languages.

Host app features in Airbnb for Car Rentals

Transaction history

It helps to view all the transactions clearly of past transactions or present transactions..

Car listing

Automated listing helps you to list manage the cars easily.


Discount is the way of attracting customers to use our product.

Easy maintenance

It can easily manage your checklist about riders and drivers.

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Pricing plans for Car Rental Software

Features List Lite Pro Enterprise
100% Customizable Source Code
Free One Time installation
Technical support
Free support
Native Mobile App
Multi Domain License
Admin Web Panel
Custom Currency Integration
Multilingual Integration
Default Payment Gateway(Stripe)
Customised Payment Gateway
Bug Resolve
Apps Submission
White label
Website FrontEnd Panel
CMS Pages
SEO Friendly
Blast email to users
General settings

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a dedicated technical team to provide you with 24×7 customer support. Just drop your query in Email, Phone, or Skype. We will receive a prompt response within 24 business hours.

Yes, we have a range of expertise in all domains like Business Analysts, Developers, Tester. They will surely help you to customize all your required needs.

Our team of experts will help you customize the products based on your requirements.

YES, the source code is 100% accessible. We will provide you with the Android, iOS, and Admin Panel. Contact us for more information.

Yes, It is a Multilingual Script and supports both Multi-Language and Multi-Currency.

Our car rental script utilizes the powerful combination of React.js for the frontend, Node.js for the backend, and MongoDB for data storage.

We offer you 100% source code. By getting this code, you can edit, modify, customize the script as you wish.

Yes, we will provide you the installation free of cost.

Yes, both Android and iOS are native apps. Android is available in Java with the minimum support from Android KitKat v4.4. iOS is available in Swift 3.x.

Server Configuration

Nodejs Server

  1. Nodejs Version 8
  2. NPM Version 3
  3. Max_input_vars : “600″
  4. Firebase Billing Account

Web Server

  1. Nginx server (Optional For Proxy)
  2. Linux/Unix


  1. MongoDB 3

Technology Used

  1. MongoDB
  2. ExpressJs
  3. AngularJs
  4. NodeJs

Demo Details for Car Rental Script


Web Demo

You can check for the demo of our car rental script in the link provided. If you have any queries or you need customization on our products, our team will guide you through the whole process.

Mobile Demo

We avail our customers of android & iOS apps with our script. Check out the link for the demo and share your reviews with us. Change the image in demo details


Technologies Used

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