Best Uber For Lawn Care Services

What is Uber for Lawn Care?

Uber for lawn care script is a highly customized and ready-made software that will give the complete solutions for on-demand lawn care, snow shoveling & general yard work services. If you want to start a successful business like Uber [for lawn mowing, Uber for snow shoveling, or a general Uber for yard work services] app – then it is the best for your on-demand lawn care software solution. It will take your business to the next level and helps entrepreneurs to bring their business idea faster into the market, and brings tremendous success.

Why Choose us?

Highly Customizable

Our Uber for Lawn Care is highly customizable to develop a variety of yard work-related services. Admin can customize the software based on their needs.

PCI Compliant

We give a 100% guarantee PCI compliance that you will not face any legal issues while accepting in-app purchases.

Prebuilt Scripts

Comparatively, our on-demand lawn care software developers move our customizable app & software from development to deployment faster by using our prebuilt IP solution.


We give the best on-demand yard work app & lawn care software solution. Also, we follow clean coding methods for ensuring the scalability, safety, security of the app.

Multi-Languages Support

If you want to launch your custom Uber for lawn care, snow shoveling apps in different countries means we assure you our uber for lawn care script can deploy in any language you prefer.

Referral & Promotions

By using our referral and promotions feature, you can increase the user base and retention instantly.

SEO Friendly Designs

We developed our Uber for lawn care script highly SEO friendly. So it increases your revenue and improves the visitors of the website/app.

App Monitoring & Chatbots

First-in-ever we introduce a chatbot integration monitoring service in our lawn care service app. So this will ensure immediate performance updates of our on-demand lawn mowing or snow shoveling app.


We offer high security for our lawn mowing/snow shoveling app. It is not only robust & scalable but highly secure as well.

Features of Uber for Lawn Care Services

Live View

Based on your location, you can view the live place via a Google map of the available lawn/yard care professionals near your surroundings.

Filtered List

Using the filtered list, you can view the available & later available lawn care professionals with their ratings, based on our choices.

Book Hourly Basis

A service provider can book their professional on an hourly basis. They can pick the best service providers based on the rating system.

Bird View

Admin can view an overall look of all the ongoing lawn services or snow shoveling jobs, available & unavailable lawn care professionals, etc.

View Profile Details

A service provider can view the lawn care professional details by using this option. So they get the complete information and their ratings given by their previous service provider.

Categories of Lawn Care Service

Based on our requirements, search lawn care from the list of categories available in the app, such as lawn mowing, hedge trimming, yard cleaning, snow removal, etc.

Scheduling Option

In the scheduling option, the service provider can book their lawn care or snow plowing service on-demand, for a later scheduled date, or even booking weekly & repeatedly.

Various Payment Option

A service provider/lawn care professional seamlessly sends/pays their payments via our lawn care app. We provide a list of payment options.

Book By Manual

Service Providers can manually assign bookings to lawn care professionals on-demand. Give details like lawn service type, on-demand or scheduled service, method of payments.

Review & Rating

It allows the customers to provide feedback about Uber for lawn care professionals. It ensures high-quality standards on your customized Uber for lawn care app.

Unique Features of Uber for Lawn Care

Real-time Booking Status

In this option, users view the status of their active bookings. Whenever there is a status change, the customer can receive a notification instantly.

Live Tracking

You can see the live map view working of your allotted lawn care or snow removal provider.

Invoice Statement

We can view a detailed invoice statement of the lawn care or snow removal service using this option.

My Booking

In our lawn care provider app, there is an option to keep all the booking records. Once the professional accepts the job, it is then assigned.

Chat Now

We integrated an in-app chat module into our lawn care app. So instruction will be passed smoothly in-between the service provider and the professional.

Individual Job view

A service provider can view the state of each lawn service booking & their job status by using this option.

Admin Panel Features of Uber for Lawn Care

Manage Professional Activities

Admin can manage various lawn care providers. Customers have the right to accept or reject the professionals registering on our custom lawn care app.

Fare Management

Based on cities, service type, or hourly rates, an admin can set up or manage fares for various lawn care services like lawn mowing, snow shoveling, plant trimming, gardening, etc.

Promotions & Referrals Code

Admin has the advantage of capturing the audience by setting up the promotions code or referrals on the custom lawn care services platform.

Track Booking

In our best Uber for lawn care application, the admin can view/track all lawn care, mowing, shoveling, plowing service booking in one place.

Account Maintenance

In our Uber for lawn care script, we have an account maintenance system to keep track of the financial reports of the various lawn care professionals. So the admin can track the earnings for lawn care professionals.

Payroll Management

We integrated the Payroll management system into our best Uber for lawn care script to manage cash & card earning for yard work service providers with direct payment to their bank accounts.

Managing Services

In our Uber for lawn care software, the admin can manage various lawns & yard care service categories available on your customized lawn care finder application.

Eagle's View

Admin can view all bookings & trips in real-time on a map across cities or zones.

Zone Management

There is a feature to create zones for your service by drawing polylines on a map and setting rates correspondingly.

In-App Messaging

An Admin can push messages to lawn care service providers and customers directly.

Reviews & Reports

Using ratings and reviews left by customers, the admin can keep a tab on the various lawn care & snow shoveling service providers and maintain high-quality standards.


Based on zone, service type, fares - Admin can set up various app commission rates on Uber for lawn care apps.

Pricing Plans for Uber for Lawn Care

Features List Lite Pro Enterprise
100% Customizable Source Code
Free One Time installation
Technical support
Free support
Native Mobile App
Multi Domain License
Admin Web Panel
Custom Currency Integration
Multilingual Integration
Default Payment Gateway(Stripe)
Customised Payment Gateway
Bug Resolve
Apps Submission
White label
Website Frontend Panel
CMS Pages
SEO Friendly
Blast email to users
General settings

Frequently Asked Questions

You can see the live demo on our website. If you need more details, Don’t hesitate to reach us at [email protected].

We have a dedicated technical team to provide you with 24×7 customer support. Just drop your query in Email, Phone, WhatsApp or Skype You will receive a prompt response within 24 business hours.

Our team of experts will help you customize the products based on your requirements.

YES, the source code is 100% accessible. We will provide you with the Android, iOS, and Admin Panel. Contact us for more information.

Yes, It is a Multilingual Script and supports both Multi-Language and Multi-Currency.

It is coded in Nodejs 8 and MongoDb using Express 3 Framework, scalable architecture with high emphasis given to REST API, IO operation, etc.

We offer you 100% source code. By getting this code, you can edit, modify, customize the script as you wish.

Yes, we will provide you the installation free of cost.

Yes, both Android and iOS are the native app. Android is available in Java with the minimum support from Android KitKat v4.4. iOS is available in Swift 3.x.

Server Configuration

Server Requirements

Nodejs Server
  1. Nodejs Version 8
  2. NPM Version 3
  3. Firebase Billing Account
  1. Nginx server (Optional For Proxy)
  2. Linux/Unix
  1. MongoDB 3

Technology Used

  1. MongoDB
  2. ExpressJs
  3. AngularJs
  4. NodeJs

Demo Details


Web Demo

Share your request to get a free demo. Our developers will hand over your web application on time with a lot of endurance.

Mobile Demo

Get the credentials of our Uber for lawn care app and explore all new features. We are looking forward to your request.


Technologies Used

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