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What is Space Rental Script?

Space rental script is a readymade software that connects the hosts and the customers. It helps startup companies and entrepreneurs to start new food businesses. Our Space rental script provides a platform for hosts to lend their free spaces for a wedding, party, film, photoshoot, or any occasion.

Why choose us for the space rental script?

Highly Customizable

Abservetech provides highly customized space booking software for our customers. We afford 100% source code and enhance your space rental business to the next level. Based on client needs and requirements, we customize the app.

One-time payment

As we talked about before, we give the source code to the client. We assure you that you won't pay the recurring charges and experience a hassle-free payment to set your business market platform.

Scalable and Reliable

Space rental is a space booking software. On that, we give a reliable infrastructure for scaling your space marketplace platform along with growing user support.

Advanced Technologies

Abservetech tremendously implements the growing advanced technologies like React, GraphQL, Express.js, Redux, etc. It will make your software perform better in effectively managing users and handling all rental-related activities.

Better User Experience

Abservetech implements advanced innovation to develop an application for getting a better user experience. We put more effort into creating the space rental script user-friendly and making it attractive to the user's eyes using the platform.

Free Bug Support

We, Abservetech, optimize our results for delivering high-quality and bug-free products. In case of any significant faults, it is our duty to support you immediately free of cost within the specified support period.

Features of Our Space Rental Script

Multiple Login and Signup

We afford a user who can create multiple accounts and effortlessly login into the space rental. Or using various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail to log in.

Multiple Day Booking

Space rental software has a provision that the user can book their event space for multiple days, and the space provider would have the option to lock the user booking space and their demanded days.

Hourly Booking

In this option, the event organizers are free to schedule the space for their favored timings. Also, the space providers can allocate space for the user at their preferred timings.

Advanced Filter Option

More listings! Using our high-level search filters, the event organizers can effortlessly check out their preferred space. It helps them to search and instantly book their place without any annoyance.

Setup Price for Each Activity

In this option, event organizers list their space along with events and activities. They can set a price during peak hours or festive times.

Favorite Listing Option

We allow users to pick their favorite space and move it on the wishlist. Later they can visit it and book the preferred place.

Availability Calendar

In space rental software provides calendar facilities to the user. They can book their space on an hourly basis, single-day booking, or multiple-day booking.

Listing Approved by Admin

We provide the facility for the admin to see any new space listed by the space providers. Admin can verify the place and approve it. So the event organizer picks the right place, and our space rental software protects the admin from false accusations.

User Account Setting

A user can portrait their profile on their own. They can add their details, and they can delete or update their details anytime.


We offer multiple languages ​​for customer convenience and enhance the business worldwide.

Secure App Option

Space rental software offers a high-security option for use. A user can lock his app to prevent others from stealing their information.

Google Translate

Mainly, we offer this option for the user. Different types of people can easily communicate with the space provider by using this option.

SMS confirmation

Space rental software enables SMS verification to verify the persons who have logged into the application are authorized.

Workflow Video

Unique Feature of Our Space Rendal

Video Call Support

Space booking software, the event manager, can make video calls to communicate directly with the space provider.

Automated Email Notifications

We have the mail notification option for the user and the space provider. Space booking details, user details, space provider details will automatically share with the respective person.

Recommended Listings

In space booking software, we share the highly recommended listing space with our guest/event manager to make it easy to find the best and perfect choice for their big occasion.

Cancellation Policies

According to the policy basis, users or landowners can cancel their bookings for the first three times.

Two-way Review System

In space booking software has the option of knowing customer feedback. And correct it for the upcoming days by using the two-way review system.

Document Verification

In space, booking software allows verifying the user details or landowner details before confirming/rendering their place. Both user and provider data are maintained securely.


In space booking software has the provision to generate the receipts automatically. And it sends them to the respective person after paying the cash or booking the space. Users can download their payslips anytime.

Admin Panel Features of our Space Rental Script

Administrative approval for the list

Admin has the facility to see any new space listed by the space providers, and it's shown to the event organizer after the admin approval.

Review Management

Admin can add, delete, or update the customer feedback on its own. And have the option to show or hide the positive/negative statements.

CMS Management

The admin can add content to their application without touching the HTML section. By adding this solution to our valuable customers can update their applications to make them more user-friendly.

Popular Locations Management

In space booking software, the admin has the option to permit the highly suggested listing space to our guest/event manager to make it easy to find the best and perfect choice for their occasion. Admin has to manage the recommended location that gets listed by the landlords.

Message Auditing

Admin can access the message auditing panel from the administrative UI. It has features like reviewing messages between users and space providers and setting the preference to enable you to view any modified or deleted messages.

Homepage Layouts

Admin has the advantage of changing or updating the homepage on its own from the available themes. They have the option to import the layouts from outside.

Admin Dashboard

Admin can easily use the app as the advanced admin dashboard is highly interactive and smooth moving through the app or web. In space rental software, the admin can maintain the entire working process in a single dashboard.

Manage Document Verifications

Admin has the advantage of verifying the authenticity of a document provided by the user/landowners. This process will check the validity of the personal data.

SMS Verification Settings

In space booking software, we include the SMS verification option. If the admin enables this option, a user can enter the app after entering the verification code. And confirm they have received the SMS message on their appropriate given phone number.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The landowner uploads all necessary details and good pictures of the space available to rent. And the user searches for suitable places nearby for your specific purpose and makes a booking request.

Yes, you can have full ownership of the software once your payment gets over.

Abservetech provides 24/7 support to our clients. We will provide the best assistance support to our clients. And work to offer bug-free products.

You can contact us directly for any issue via Skype, WhatsApp, or Email. We will support you as soon as we see your message.

Yes, once you pay the entire amount. We won't disturb you with anything.

Yes, we offer multiple logins in space rental. By using various social media platforms likes Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail, etc.

Yes, we have a range of experts in all domains. They will surely help you to customize all your required needs.

Yes, we will keep on adding new features, improvising existing features, and fixing bugs. As long as your free update is live, you can get updates.

Yes, you can see the live demo on our website. If you need more details, contact us at [email protected] .

Yes, we will give you the installation of the software free of cost.

Server Configuration

Server Requirements

Nodejs Server

  1. Nodejs Version 8
  2. NPM Version 3
  3. Max_input_vars : “600″
  4. Firebase Billing Account

Web Server

  1. Nginx server (Optional For Proxy)
  2. Linux/Unix


  1. MongoDB 3

Technology Used

Web Server
  1. MongoDB
  2. ExpressJs
  3. AngularJs
  4. NodeJs

Demo Details of our Space Rental Clone


Web Demo

Our expert developers build our space rental clone script, who has immense knowledge of all the latest technologies. Drop your interest and get a free demo. Based on your demand, Our developers will help to customize your product.

Mobile Demo

You can get our space rental clone app with a seamless working flow and bug-free. Available in both Android and iOS platforms.


Technologies Used

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