Exciting to know what is MUM? Then, I am going to make await. Come along with me. 

Google has amplifying brand-new technology for the user to get the answer for complex queries. That technology is called MUM, which stands for Multitask Unified Model or MUM for short. 

Shall we go deeper? Subsequently, why wait? Let us move on. 

The grand I/O conference was held on Tuesday. At that conference, Google has revealed that the MUM understands the language better and delivers helpful responses. 

You shall have a probe.

Is the MUM in live condition? 

Not yet. MUM isn’t live status. But Google has decided to give a precious look at the MUM that has developed. 

With the envisions of Google, MUM can generate the user to search different pieces of information to answer that question, such as the elevation of each mountain, the average temperature in the fall, difficulty of the hiking trails, the right gear to use, and more.

MUM could understand the users are comparing two mountains, which indicates elevation and trail information may be relevant. It could then understand that “prepare” may include fitness training and finding the right gear.

Such a stunning work. Subsequently, what are the technologies used in MUM?

The technology behind MUM is BERT. It has built on a Transformer architecture, but it’s said to be 1,000 times more influential with the ability to multitask to unlock information in new ways.

Another exciting piece of news Google has announced. That MUM can understand information across different languages and formats to deliver the most relevant results to users.

And some more internal pilot testing of MUM has been done. 

Google also promises to apply this advanced AI to search results responsibly.

MUM will undergo the same rigorous testing as every update to Google Search before it goes live. The company says it will pay specific attention to patterns that indicate bias in machine learning.

Look for MUM-powered features and improvements coming to Google products in the coming months and years.

Righto, so we can be waiting for the new revolution. 

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