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What is the Doordash Clone Script?

DoorDash clone app helps entrepreneurs start online food ordering and delivery businesses. Ours is one of the finest on-demand food ordering scripts that give instant solutions to single/ multiple vendors. It boosts their food delivery business.With our DoorDash clone app, customers place an order while exploring their favorite dish on the menu and pay the bill online. A selected restaurant owner can receive the order. Delivery partners deliver the order to customers.

How doordash Clone Script Works?


Why Choose Us?

Fused Leading-edge Technologies

Our dedicated team designs the app with leading-edge technologies to provide hassle-free working flow. Our app is engaging and interactive with captivating features.

One-time Investment

We recommend that you purchase the app with a one-time investment. There are no additional costs, and we do not charge extra after the initial payment. We deliver the food delivery app on time without delays.

Free Server Installation

After purchasing the app, our developers install the DoorDash clone script on your server. We help to take your business online, free of cost.

100% Customization

You can get complete customization based on the selection of the package. Clients can share their ideas and features they want to integrate into the app with us without any hesitation.

Attractive User-interface Designs

We have a team of well-experienced designers who create your food-ordering app screen with an exuberant UI/ UX outlook. We focus on designing the app with an attractive layout to improve user experience.

Highly Scalable And Interactive

The features of our DoorDash clone script are highly interactive and scalable. So it keeps the users engaged and encourages them to use your on-demand food-ordering app.

Top-class Quality

We assure you that our DoorDash clone app comes with best-in-class quality features. You can see for yourself that our app is bug-free. Our top-most priority is customer satisfaction.

iOS and Android Platforms

Our expert developers design all the features of the DoorDash clone app in the native language of iOS and Android. Our food delivery script is available on both platforms to offer services to both users.

Technical Support

You can contact us anytime if you need technical assistance. We are glad to help you and will reach you soon. We make sure to address your queries and clarify doubts most efficiently.

Workflow Of Our Doordash Clone Script

Explore The Restaurant

The app lists restaurants, along with the menu they offer. Customers can explore the restaurants available in their location before ordering.

Select your Meals

Customers can see the menus provided by restaurants, along with prices, and choose their favorite food from them. They can add multiple items to the cart.

Pay Online

After ordering the food, users can make the payment via online mode. By doing so, delivery partners can achieve no-contact delivery.

Prepared and Delivered Shortly

A chosen restaurant can accept the order and start preparing the food. The allotted delivery partner can deliver the food to the corresponding customer.

Workflow Video

What Do We Offer?

Customer Panel

Customers can use social media accounts to log into their front-end panel. They can manage their profiles, view order history, and make super-fast orders with a few steps.

Restaurant Panel

Restaurant owners can manage the products, add new categories, and do other operations using the restaurant panel. It is feature-rich and enables restaurant owners to carry out activities efficiently.

Delivery Executive Panel

Our DoorDash clone app provides a separate panel for delivery partners. They can create profiles, view orders, and receive invoice details through this. We offer delivery panels for iOS and Android platforms.

Admin Panel

The admin can get a robust dashboard with multi-variant options to manage all activities. They can efficiently monitor the activities of customers and delivery partners.

Distinct Features Of Our Doordash Clone Script

Live Tracking

We have incorporated a live tracking feature into our Doordash clone app to eliminate delivery-related confusion. Customers can track the location of a delivery partner with the help of GPS integration.

Separate Panels

We provide separate panels for customers, delivery partners, restaurants, and the admin. They can manage their profiles separately with the help of their responsive dashboards.

Filter Search

Customers can use filters to search by location, timing, cuisine, price, etc. This way, they get results instantly and proceed with ordering without having to search extensively.

Multi-payment Options

For user convenience, we have a multi-payment option. Customers can choose to pay using any of the many options available. Some payment modes are debit/ credit cards, cash on delivery, net banking, and e-wallets.

Instant Logins

We intend to give the best user experience with our DoorDash clone script. Customers, delivery partners, restaurant owners, and the admin can create their accounts using instant login options.


It is one of the unique features of our food-ordering app. An add-on feature is known to improve user experience. It allows customers to customize their orders.

Ratings & Reviews

After receiving their order, a user can share their feedback. Positive ratings are helpful for restaurants and delivery partners, as it adds value to their profiles. In turn, it helps them grow.

Explore Restaurants

Users can explore restaurants using this option. They can browse based on their preference. Users can also see the menus of restaurants.

Manual Delivery Hiring Process

Our DoorDash clone app lets restaurant owners opt for the manual delivery feature. It helps assign a delivery executive through the app. It will speed up the delivery and give the best experience to the users.

Contactless Delivery

We include the contactless delivery option in our on-demand food delivery script. So the customer can get the food without contacting the delivery partner. They will drop off the food near the customer's location.

Verify Pickups

When a customer orders food, the restaurant receives a notification and starts preparing the food. The delivery partner nearby gets the request to deliver. The app notifies customers regarding the delivery status.

Toggle Options

Delivery partners can switch their availability status on or off. Using this option, they can go online or offline.

Subdividing Menus

Restaurants can add menus and submenus for the users to explore the options. It enhances user experience and helps them make a choice.

Social Sharing

Customers can share their app experience through the app using the social sharing feature. They can share with their family and friends.

In-app Call/ Chat

Customers and delivery partners can communicate using the in-app call/ chat option. Delivery partners can contact customers to verify the address. Similarly, customers can also reach delivery executives via call.

Promo Codes

The app allows restaurant owners to entice customers to order from them by offering promo codes and offers. It improves customer experience, thereby helping increase profits for the restaurants.

Doordash Clone Script Paid Plugins

Takeaway Option

If a restaurant owner enables this option, customers can collect their food from the restaurants themselves.

Tips Option

Our app comes with features that serve as the best earning options. This feature enables customers to tip the delivery executive upon the completion of the delivery.

Manual Dispatch

The admin can dispatch food orders during the festive season or peak hours. They can opt for this option if they do not prefer the automatic dispatch option.

Pre-scheduling Orders

Customers can pre-schedule their orders in advance using this feature. They have to enter the corresponding date and time. They will have their food delivered on a preferred day.


The reordering feature is one of the best features of our DoorDash clone app. It allows users to repeat their past orders. It enhances the user experience.

Multiple Languages & Currencies

Our DoorDash clone script has many languages and currencies supported in the paid plugins menu. Users can manually change the language based on their preferences.

Advanced Payment Gateway

If the admin wants to upgrade their payment option, we customize it. We also provide diverse payment gateway options with advanced features.

Dynamic Payout

The best-in-class feature of our food ordering script is the dynamic payout option. Customers and delivery partners can pay the amount to the admin using this option.

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Pricing Plans for our doordash Clone

Features List Lite Pro Enterprise
100% Customizable Source Code
Free One Time installation
Technical support
Free support
Native Android App
Native iOS App
Multi Domain License
Admin Web Panel
Custom Currency Integration
Multilingual Integration
Default Payment Gateway(Stripe)
Customised Payment Gateway
Bug Resolve
Apps Submission
White label
Website Frontend Panel
CMS Pages
SEO Friendly
Blast email to users
General settings

FAQ in doordash Clone Script

It is an online food ordering and delivery software. Our DoorDash clone script comes with many outstanding features that help with giving a competitive edge to your business.

Yes. We encourage one-time payment. We assure you that there will not be any additional costs and do not charge extra.

The development cost depends on the technology you choose for the custom script. We offer multiple development packages at different prices. You can choose the one that best meets your goals.

You can reach us via email at [email protected] or phone - +91 9222 47 9222 . We will make sure to address all your queries.

Yes. We assure you that our DoorDash clone script, with best-in-class features, will maximize profits for you. It will give you a competitive edge. Further, we also help customize the app to meet your unique business goals.

Server Requirements for doordash Clone

Server Requirements

  1. PHP Version >= 5.6
  2. Max_input_time : “600″
  3. Max_input_vars : “600″
  4. Max_execution_time : “600″
  5. File_uploads: “ON”
  6. Max_file_uploads : “256MB”
  7. Upload_max_filesize : “256MB”
  8. Post_max_size : “256MB”
  9. Memory_limit:”256MB”
  10. Safe_mode: Off
  11. Enable: PDO, File Info, Mbstring, Mcrypt, Shell_exec,Mysqli, Mod_rewrite, Open SSL, Tokenizer

Technology Used

Web Server
  1. Apache 2.0+
Operating systems
  1. Linux/Unix
  1. MySQL 5.6+

Demo Details


Web Demo

We offer the product demo for our DoorDash clone built by our developers in the link below. Clients can check the demo and share feedback with us. We customize the app according to your requirements.

Mobile Demo

The demo link for Android and iOS apps is available in the link provided. We recommend clients go through that.


Technologies Used

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