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What is WhatsApp Clone?

WhatsApp clone is an instant messaging app. With many coveted features, we intend to augment the user experience. It does more than serve users as a platform to message. We have designed our application to have substantive features for it to be successful. With our WhatsApp clone, we deliver an application that encompasses all the functions, including making high-quality audio and video calls, sending files, and sharing locations.

Why Choose us?

Free logo

Our skilled, in-house graphic design team designs aesthetically pleasing logos as desired. We provide logos for free with the purchase of the app.

Free Bug Support

Resolving and managing bugs is essential to provide a good user experience. We provide free bug support for six months for the WhatsApp clone app.

Free App Submission

The app submission requires some prerequisites that you can rely on us to provide. Get your WhatsApp clone app submitted for free when you buy your app.

Free Technical Support

Our strong technical team is at your service to help you with all your technical queries. Our technical team also ensures that the application runs smoothly to help your business achieve long-term goals.

Laravel Framework

The admin panel is essential for better maintenance. A dynamic admin panel with a Laravel framework makes this possible.

Free License and Source Code

We at Abservetech provide you with the source code of the WhatsApp clone app. We also grant free licenses for the customers.

Support After App Rejection

You do not have to go through the pain of the app getting rejected. You can count on us to provide support if the WhatsApp clone app gets rejected on submission.

One Time Payment

We like to provide our customers with hassle-free services. Hence, we offer one-time payment services.

What Do We Offer

Admin Panel

The admin panel has all the necessary options present in it. It makes it easy for the admin to view details related to recent users, including active and inactive users.

Android App

For Android users, our skilled Android-developing team develops android apps. Our team deploys effective solutions that keep the application running smoothly on Android.

iOS App

Not wanting to offer our WhatsApp clone app services only to users of specific platforms, we extend our services also to iOS users. Our iOS developing team provides support to users by troubleshooting problems.

Features of WhatsApp Clone

Contact Syncing

WhatsApp clone lets users sync their contacts from the address book. On installing the WhatsApp clone, the app asks users for permission to sync contacts saved on the phone.

Video Calling

Video calls enhance the overall conversation experience. With the WhatsApp clone's video calling feature, users can make high-quality video calls.

Audio Calling

WhatsApp clone lets you make calls anywhere across the world for free. This feature makes connecting with people easier. Even if you run on a low balance, you can still make calls with the internet.

Group Chat

Group chatting with friends and family gives a wholesome feel providing a great space to regale. WhatsApp clone's group chat provides that, where users can create groups and add members. Users can share a file with the members of the group.

File Sharing

With a few taps, you can instantly share those breathtaking pictures of exotic places from your trips on the WhatsApp clone. Sharing images, videos, audio, and other files has never been easier.

Notification Alerts

Users won't miss a message as the WhatsApp clone app alerts users with instant notifications. Even with the phone screens locked, users receive notifications.

Location Sharing

In addition to sending messages and files, the WhatsApp clone also allows users to share their real-time location with people. This feature is deemed convenient for users when they wish to let their family or friends know where they are.

Bookmark Messages

Certain things can be forgotten over time and may need a reminder. This option lets users bookmark specific messages that they consider may want to be referred to again sometime in the future.

Confidential Conversations

In an attempt to ensure confidentiality, the WhatsApp clone with this feature does just that. The messages disappear automatically after a specific time.

Features of Admin Panel


Admins can log in to the admin panel and have access to all details. Admins can see profiles, user names, groups, and other similar information of the WhatsApp clone users.

CMS Integration

The CMS integration enables the admin to create, manage, and modify content.

Analytics Report

The analytic report lets the admin measure the performance of the app. The data gives the admin the added advantage and helps in better planning and operating.

App Updation

It is in the interests of the admin of the WhatsApp clone app if they prefer to provide an upgraded version for the users.

Manage Users

Admins are enabled to view the list of users using the app. Admins can take necessary actions when a user wants to report a fellow user.

General Settings

Admin can make changes to the WhatsApp clone app with this feature. It allows the admin to modify title tags, meta descriptions, FAQs, language settings, and other settings.

Distinct Features of WhatsApp Clone

Contact Sharing

Contacts can be shared easily by users to groups and with other users. Contact sharing is all made effortless without any hassles.


WhatsApp clone users can upload pictures or videos as statuses or even pen down their thoughts for others to have a glimpse. The user posting status or story can see who all have viewed.

Profile Picture

The privacy settings in the WhatsApp clone app allow users to decide if they want their profile picture to be visible to everyone, only their contacts or nobody.

Forward Option

With a single tap, users can forward messages to other users. Users do not have to go through the time-consuming process of retyping texts. The forwarding option does the job for you!

Last Seen

Some users prefer to keep their last seen time on the app hidden. So WhatsApp clone lets users set the visibility as per their choice.

Search Option

Users do not have to go through the arduous process of scrolling down their contacts to chat with someone. Entering the name takes users directly to the corresponding conversation thread.


Users will have a preference for the application theme. A few factors influencing this preference for users are the time of the day and power usage. Whatsapp clone users can set their application to a light or dark theme.


To serve users of other languages, we make our WhatsApp clone app available multi-lingually. We customize the app as per the needs.

Delete Option

In addition to the delete option, there is also a "delete for all" option. This option lets the users delete messages not only on their end but also on the receiving end.

Advanced Features of the WhatsApp clone app


The arrival of emoticons has made conversations fun and even more convenient. Replacing words with emoticons has only made conversations all the more simple. Our WhatsApp clone app comes with an integration of emoticons.

Two-factor Authentication

People generally prefer to have conversations securely. Two-factor authentication provides added security to its users through verification processes.

Chat Backup

Chats are backed up to the cloud so that users do not have to worry about losing conversations of value.

Invite Contacts

Users can invite contacts who are not using the application to join.


If users find messages or activities of other users disturbing, then they can make use of the blocking option to block them.

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FAQs in WhatsApp Clone

WhatsApp clone is an instant messaging app that does more than serve as a platform to message. With our WhatsApp clone, we deliver an application that encompasses all the functions, including making high-quality audio and video calls, sending files, and sharing locations.

It is available with PHP and MySQL using the Laravel framework, scalable structural architecture with a high emphasis on JS, Ajax, jQuery, etc.

We provide a live demo on our website. For more details, you can reach us at [email protected].

Yes, we have a range of professionals with expertise in all domains like business analysis, development, and testing who will help with WhatsApp clone customization.

After installing the application on their devices, users can message, call, and share files with other users using the application effectively.

Yes, the source code is 100% accessible. So now you can modify and customize as per your choice.

Yes, WhatsApp clone is a multilingual script. It supports multi-language.

We offer purchasers complimentary services for app installation.

Yes. You have complete ownership of the app and website after purchasing.

You can count on our dedicated technical team to provide 24×7 customer support. You will receive prompt services within 24 business hours. You can reach us on: Email ID: [email protected] WhatsApp No: +91 9222479222 Skype: Abservetech

Demo Details of What'sApp Clone


Web Demo

Check out the website demo of our Twaddle - What'sapp clone script product. If you have any queries, Kindly contact our support team.

Mobile Demo

Our Product Twaddle is available in both the Android and the iOS ecosystems. If you need any customization, our team will customize the product accordingly.


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