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What is Wimdu Clone?

Wimdu clone is the best vacation rental clone that lists the spectacular features and functions that have similar features as Airbnb clone. With the user-friendly features, the Wimdu clone has become a successful holiday rental system. Our Wimdu clone provides the best opportunities to entrepreneurs who wish to launch their online booking portals or vacation rental system in the travel industry.

Why Choose us?

Free logo

We offer free logos to our clients after they purchase our product. 

Free 6 month bug support

Our team of developers always makes themselves available when you found a bug in the product delivered.

Free App submission

Your app gets submitted for free in the play stores & the app stores.

Free licence and source code

Our team provides a free license & source code after the client purchases our product.

support after App rejection

Reliable support is available even after the app deployment in the stores gets rejected.

Free Technical Support

Our technicians provide free technical support for around six months.

What do we offer?

Customer Panel

The Customer panel lets the users search for all the available features based on their preference.

Partner Panel

Partner panel or host panel allows the host to create a profile and post all the possible details regarding their rental spaces.

Admin panel

As we have a powerful admin panel in our Wimdu clone, the admin can access & manage all the features available to ensure a perfect business flow.

Android App

As our team's goal is to make the app accessible from all forms, they develop an effective android app.

iOS App

As our developers are stalwarts in developing an iOS app, we provide you an iOS app along with the package. 

Workflow Video

Admin Panel Features


As the admin is the one who handles all the features that get enabled for a smooth flow of business, they can view all the reports of ongoing processes in a pictorial representation.

User & Host Management

The admin is authorized to manage the users & the host's list. He verifies the proofs & the documents provided by them to ensure a quality business. He can edit the availability status of the host & the user.

Push Notifications

On the request received from the host, the admin intimates the user regarding the available festive & seasonal offers.


Our Wimdu clone has a beneficial feature that allows the host to request admin to post ads about their vacation rental spots.

Content Management

The header and the format of content depict the boosting features of a quality website. So admin can manage the content to boost the website's quality.

Payment Management

As our developers have enabled various payment modes, the user can pay the bill using options such as pay by cash or wallet or cards(credit/debit), UPI's & much more.

Commission Management

The commission amount for each transaction made gets deducted from the transaction made to the host. The admin can manage the commission percentage and modify it whenever they want.

Modify Code

Making changes to the code when in need or for any updates, the admin can modify the flow.

Features of the Host App

Registration Process

The host can quickly install, log in and register themselves with our easy registration process.

Profile Creation

Creating a host profile guides the website visitors to know about the host's credibility, thereby affects the website traffic positively. In the host profile, they can briefly describe their rental space and share their contacts.


Dashboard depicts the ongoing booking status, payment transaction, etc., in the different forms of reports.

Concise Listing

Concise listings in Wimdu clone lets the host post additional information regarding their vacation rental spots, such as property details, images, cost, etc., 

Transaction History

The transaction history option in the host panel is to track the financial growth of the host's business and acts as a secured backup of the transactions made.


The host can create or edit the new or existing discounts and offers. He is fully liable to make any discounts or offers.

Brief Reports

All the ongoing, upcoming, and past bookings, transactions, availability of rooms, number of check-ins, and check-outs get displayed under this section. 


Our Wimdu clone has a refund option through which the host can manage all the refund requests received.


Feedback enriches the website's quality. In this module, the host can view the feedback received from all the users.

Features of the User App

Smooth Registration Process

The users can easily register themselves in this user app and sync their mail account for quick login.

Two Factor Authentication

By enabling the two-factor authentication process, you can secure your account every time you log in.

Specific search

Our Wimdu clone has an advanced search option that lets the users explore the places by giving advanced suggestions regarding the search.

Effective Filters

Our Wimdu clone has an advanced filter option with which the user can sort the places by the place, region, type, price, etc.

Internal Forum

Forum is available in our Wimdu clone through which the customers can get their doubts clarified with their fellow members.

Payment Services

There are multiple payment options available for the users, such as pay by cash, pay by card, pay by wallet, pay by UPI's, etc.

Push Notifications

Registered users receive intimations regarding the offers now and then from the admin panel.

Invite Friends

The users of our Wimdu clone have an option to invite their friends using a unique Id provided.


To make the host get rid of their faults, users can share their reviews in this section.


The admin team enhances their support to the users through the inquiries received in this option.

Unique Features of our Wimdu Clone

Laravel Framework

We have our admin panel built using the Laravel framework since it has elegant syntax and creative structures.


Our Wimdu clone is capable of assisting users from all parts of the world using this multi-language option.

In-app Chat

In-app chat lets the customers and the host interact at their convenience, which results in a good relationship.

Social Sharing

The user can directly share their views & experiences about the visited spots in their social media using this Social sharing option.


Customers can avail of any subscription packages provided and enjoy their vacations at their desired places.

Paid Modules in Wimdu Clone Script

Google calendar

As Google calendar gets incorporated with our Wimdu clone, the users get intimation directly from google on their trip dates.

Request Booking

Request booking module in our Wimdu clone lets the users make bookings instantly or for future purposes.

Experience - Multiple sessions with single dates

Multiple sessions for an Experience that got booked on a single date is manageable using this option.

Airpay payment gateway

The facilitation of the Airpay payment gateway makes the transaction in an instant.

Razorpay payment gateway

As we have enabled the Razorpay payment gateway, it eases the user's transaction to the host.

Multiple currencies

Multiple currencies option accepts the transactions that occurred in various currencies by the users all over.

How to Monetize Wimdu Clone?

Commission amount

As the commission amount deducted from the transaction made gets credited to the admin's account, they can make a jack.

Google Adsense

Letting Google Adsense play in the space provided, the admin can make money hand over fist.

Host Advertisement

The host can post an ad regarding their rental places that profits both the admin and the host.

Features Listings

The user can find the listings of the features of their rental space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a dedicated technical team to provide you with 24×7 customer support. Just drop your query in Email, Phone, or Skype. We will receive a prompt response within 24 business hours.

Yes, we have a range of expertise in all domains like Business Analysts, Developers, Tester. They will surely help you to customize all your required needs.

Our team of experts will help you customize the products based on your requirements.

YES, the source code is 100% accessible. We will provide you with the Android, iOS, and Admin Panel. Contact us for more information.

Yes, It is a Multilingual Script and supports both Multi-Language and Multi-Currency.

It is built with the Laravel 5.x framework. It is coded in PHP 5 and MySQL using Laravel Framework.

We offer you 100% source code. By getting this code, you can edit, modify, customize the script as you wish.

Yes, we will provide you the installation free of cost.

Yes, both Android and iOS are native apps. Android is available in Java with the minimum support from Android KitKat v4.4. iOS is available in Swift 3.x.

Server Configuration

Server Requirements

  1. PHP Version >= 5.6
  2. Max_input_time : “600″
  3. Max_input_vars : “600″
  4. Max_execution_time : “600″
  5. File_uploads: “ON”
  6. Max_file_uploads : “256MB”
  7. Upload_max_filesize : “256MB”
  8. Post_max_size : “256MB”
  9. Memory_limit:”256MB”
  10. Safe_mode: Off
  11. Enable: PDO, File Info, Mbstring, Mcrypt, Shell_exec,Mysqli, Mod_rewrite, Open SSL, Tokenizer

Technology Used

Web Server
  1. Apache 2.0+
Operating systems
  1. Linux/Unix
  1. MySQL 5.6+

Demo Details


Web Demo

We offer our customers to view the demo of our front-end panel for themselves. If you require customization, our developers are willing to do that for you as per your requirements.

Mobile Demo

The Android & iOS apps provided with our scripts also have a demo. Check for that and share the reviews with us.


Technologies Used

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