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What is Eat24 Clone?

With the world slowly getting relied on Digitization, people started to prefer almost everything online. The one thing which is not deniable for any reason is hunger. Hunger is a constant periodic feeling, whereas the way the people convince their tummy changes over time. So why not the Online Food Delivery Business cherish in the field with their target audience spread across the world in every nook and corner? The only thing an entrepreneur should have in their mind is effective software that can turn out their business positively.Stating the word effective software means the Eat24 Clone developed by our developers. They efficiently programmed the Eat24 Clone, which is easily accessible and highly secure. Let us have a look at the Eat24 Clone features in both the Android, iOS platforms.

How it works?


Why Choose us?

Free logo

The Customers can avail free logos from our designers. We provide it free of cost once they purchase our product.

Free 6 month bug support

Our Eat24 clone is bug-free. In case of bugs, We offer free bug support to our clients for around six months.

Free App submission

Once we develop our app, our development team will submit your app in the app store and Google play. You leave your worries behind.

Free Technical support

You can expect 24/7 support from us. For any assistance, you can always contact our technical team to guide you through.

Free Licence and Source Code

Once our clients purchase our product, we will provide them with the complete source code and license.

Excellent UI/UX Designs

Our UI/UX designers put their heart and soul into designing the websites as per your wish. So we assure you of eye-catchy software for your business.

Cost-Effective Development

As our team puts themselves in their client's shoes, they develop and deploy cost & time-effective software by having the client's perspective in their minds.

User-Friendly Features

We will deliver all the user-friendly features that you need for your business. Our developers will carefully draft your requirements and put them in the process.

What do we offer?

Customer / User Panel

In the Eat24 Clone, the customer panel, also known as the Front-end panel, is the first point of contact for the users. So, our developers know of the tricks and tactics to attract your target audience in one go.

Partner / Restaurant Panel

The Partner Panel or Restaurant Panel is for the restaurants to keep track of their business. Unlike the old way of maintaining the records, this panel lets them check the business analytics instantly.

Admin Panel

The admin panel eases the workload of the online food delivery business owners. They get to manage everything in their business by sitting idle in one place, which is possible only with our Eat24 Clone.

Delivery Boy Panel

Part of the business is virtually possible (from the order initiation to the order management), whereas the other half is done only by the Delivery Boy. So the Delivery boy Panel is for them to access all the delivery details.

Android Apps

Our Eat24 Clone is available in the native Android platform with apps for the users, restaurants & delivery boys.

iOS Apps

It is now easier to access our Eat24 Clone across all platforms, as we have separate apps for the iOS platform. That is apps for the users, restaurants & delivery boys.

Workflow Video

Eat24 Clone Customer App Features

Quick Login

We have an advanced login feature that lets customers login with OTP or their social media profiles. Easy and quick login tends to the user-friendly features.

Store Listings

The customers can check for the particular dish they crave from any possible restaurant with our app. They don't need to stick to that one nearby restaurant.

Advanced Filter Options

With our Eat24 Clone's advanced filter options, one can order their food based on their preferences. The customer can filter their search by location, cuisine, food type, categories, etc.

Live Tracking

Our Eat24 customer app has a live tracking feature with which the customers can track their orders. They can view the order status from the restaurant's kitchen till it gets to their door.

Payment modes

The idea of varied payment methods like pay by cash or card, pay by wallet, payment gateways allow the user to have safe and secured transactions. This feature is an additional benefit for the customers.

Scheduled Deliveries

The customers can also schedule their deliveries in our Eat24 Clone. In the meantime, they can also make changes to their scheduled deliveries by modifying the quantity, delivery location, etc.

Favorite Locations

This option enables the customers of our Eat24 Clone to add their favorite locations to their wishlist. Using this option will let them select their favorite restaurants in an instant.

Reviews & Feedbacks

The Review & Feedback option lets the customer share the experience they had with the restaurant. This feature is an add-on benefit that may generate customers to the restaurant.

Restaurant Panel Features

Easy Registration

Any restaurant with valid documents and proofs can tie up with the admin of our Eat24 Clone. Thus the partners can quickly register themselves and easily log in to our app.

Effective Dashboard

The Eat24 Clone Restaurant panel has an effective dashboard, where the partners can check for their business growth in the reports given in brief. The business reports will be in pictorial representation.

Menu Listings

The restaurants can list their available menus in the restaurant's app or panel. They can also add or delete menus from their listings based on availability, and also they can add images to each menu.

Order management

Once the customer places their order, the restaurant receives the order request from the customer in the Eat24 Clone restaurant panel. The restaurant can either accept or reject the order based on availability.

Push Notifications

With the help of push notifications, the corresponding restaurant gets notified whenever the customer places an order. Hence it intimates the restaurant about the order placed.

Payment Management

Our Eat24 Clone has an additional feature called Payment Management. With the help of this payment management, the restaurant can track the admin's commission amount.


Feedbacks option lists the feedback received by the restaurants from the customers. The feedback, in turn, can affect the sales of the restaurant positively or negatively.

Order History

The order history option in the Eat24 Clone helps the restaurant keep track of their orders and history. A restaurant can view the complete orders using this option.

Admin Panel Features

Advanced Dashboard

The admin panel contains a dashboard through which everything is manageable. The admin can make the future analysis of their business with the reports generated in the dashboard.

Manage Admin

Manage admin is an option that facilitates the super admin to add or manage new or existing admins. The Super admin can modify the type of access given to the admins.


The admin has the authority to add or manage the food cuisines. They can also list the food categories under the corresponding cuisines, which helps the user to sort out quickly.

Restaurant Management

The admin manages the restaurant by adding restaurant details, name, location, contact details, images, etc. They can also add or remove the menu from the restaurant's menu listings.

Order History

The admin can view the current orders and the order histories in this module. The order histories contain Order Id, Date/Time of Order, Type of Order, Order Status, Cost, etc.

Manage Partner / Delivery boy / Customers

The admin holds the responsibility to manage the Partners, Delivery boys, Customers. They can view the details of them like Name, Contact details, Proofs, etc. They can manually add or remove them.

Ratings and Reviews Section

The ratings & reviews section is viewed & managed by the admin. They can accept or remove the ratings and reviews received by the partners and the delivery boy from the customers.

General Settings

The general settings in Eat24 Clone are for higher-end purposes like currency management, language management, page management, etc.

Delivery Boy Features

Easy Registration

The User-friendly registration process in the delivery boy app helps them to register quickly. They can use any of their social media handles to log in to the app.

Delivery Requests

Once the customer places the order and the restaurant confirms the order, the nearby delivery boy gets intimation. They can either accept or reject the delivery request.

Handle Multiple Requests

Our Eat24 clone lets the delivery boy handle multiple delivery requests. They can accept or reject the orders based on their delivery routes.

In-app Call/Chat

The most important feature for a delivery boy is the in-app call/chat option. This in-app messaging and calling feature is highly helpful when they need to find the customer's location.

Availability Status

The delivery boy can change their availability status to online/offline based on their availability. Based on their availability status, they will receive order requests from the restaurants.

Track Location

The Track location feature in the Eat24 Clone helps the delivery boy track the customer's delivery location. Also, the customers can view the driver's live location.

Distinct Features of Eat24 Clone

Order Confirmation

The confirmation is sent to both the customer and the restaurant once they place and receive the order.

Feedback Module

The Feedback module in Eat24 Clone helps in the increase in the customers to the corresponding restaurants.

Advanced Analytics

The advanced analytics module is to predict the future of the business by analyzing the current status.

Scheduled Notification

The customer receives notification at the time of their food delivery, and the restaurant receives the scheduled notification.

Restaurant Management

The restaurant can add or remove the food items, manage the food cuisines and the food categories whenever they want.

Chat Option

The chat option is available for the customers, delivery boys, and restaurants to clearly explain their orders.

How to monetize Eat24 Clone

Commission Amount

The admin will receive a commission amount from the restaurants for each order placed. The admin can fix the commission percentage in the portal.

Delivery Charges

The delivery boy has to pay a certain commission amount to the admin for each delivery. The commission amount for each delivery gets finalized by the admin.

Advertisement Services

The admin gets a commission amount from the third-party ads that get hosted on his panel.

Restaurant's Advertisement Services

The restaurant can give an advertisement for their business from which the admin earns a commission.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Eat24 Clone is an online food delivery software. It has efficient features through which the user can place an order instantly from any restaurant.

The live demo is available, and one can get a live demo from our support team. Feel free to contact us via [email protected]

We are 24/7 online, and providing services to our customers is the main goal that drives our business successfully. Contact our team via Email, WhatsApp, or Skype.

Our product Eat24 clone is built with a PHP Laravel framework for both front and back-end panels.

After the purchase of our product, our team offers the complete source code to you. You can customize the script as per your wish.

Yes. We have customized our software in a way it supports multiple languages and multiple currencies too.

Server Configuration

Server Requirements

  1. PHP Version >= 5.6
  2. Max_input_time : “600″
  3. Max_input_vars : “600″
  4. Max_execution_time : “600″
  5. File_uploads: “ON”
  6. Max_file_uploads : “256MB”
  7. Upload_max_filesize : “256MB”
  8. Post_max_size : “256MB”
  9. Memory_limit:”256MB”
  10. Safe_mode: Off
  11. Enable: PDO, File Info, Mbstring, Mcrypt, Shell_exec,Mysqli, Mod_rewrite, Open SSL, Tokenizer

Technology Used

Web Server
  1. Apache 2.0+
Operating systems
  1. Linux/Unix
  1. MySQL 5.6+

Demo Details


Web Demo

Now you can view the web demo of our Eat24 Clone given by the expert developers of our company. Kindly drop us a mail to schedule your demo.

Mobile Demo

The mobile demo for our Eat24 Clone is available across both Android & iOS platforms. You can schedule your demo and check for the live flow.


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