Just Eat Clone Script

Looking for Just Eat Clone then you are at the right place.

Just Eat is an online food order and delivery service. It acts as an intermediary between independent take-out food outlets and customers. The platform allows customers to search for local take-out restaurants to place orders online, and to choose from pick up or delivery options.

Just Eat comes with two panels, Front End Panel and the Admin panel and also it is Bootstrap enabled, which means automatically adjustable according to the screen sizes [Desktop and Mobile window sizes] and tons of other features such as the adding menu, restaurants, food categories, food cuisines, partners, customers, delivery boys and also you can maintain order details, order history and transaction history. It is inbuilt with PayPal and you also can change the value of your currency according to the stock market.


1. Plus:

This Admin panel is built with the following options such as adding restaurants, menu, items, food categories, food cuisines, partners, customers, delivery boys.

2. Order Summary:

You can see the overall orders by the customers, order history and transaction details of the payment.

3. Payment Integration:

Admin panel is integrated with the PayPal Payment.

Advanced Features:

1. Dynamic Currency value changes:

Admin Panel comes with an option to change the value of the currency according to the stock markets up and down.

2. Enable or Disable:

Admin can enable or disable any customers according to this wish.

3. Transaction:

You can view the day’s customers order details, transaction done and the order history etc.

4. Payment Integration:

Admin panel is integrated with the PayPal Payment.

Work Process:

1. Login Process:
Both the Restaurateur and the user register with the product [Foodstar].

2. Wait for Admin Approval:

After Adding, Admin have to approve you to operate with the product.

3. Find Restaurant:

The Customers have find to the corresponding restaurant which has their favourite food.

4. Order Foods:

Then order the Foods.

5. Pay with PayPal:

Pay the Fees via PayPal according to the food they have ordered.

6. Receive food orders:

Receive their foods order.

7. Money Split:

Split the commission to admin and the money the corresponding seller.

Disclaimer: The term “JustEat Clone” is used only for marketing purpose only. Abservetech Private Limited owns the entire design and code. No design or code has been used from JustEat Website & We are not related or doing any promotional activities for JustEat.