Holidaylettings Clone Script

Holidaylettings Clone Script is a trendy travel and accommodation website which is mainly focused on the travel ratings and reviews and trip fares. Many travel-related service providers like the airlines, hotels, restaurants, bed and breakfasts, cruise lines, automobile rental companies often maintain their own websites including the SEO service in order to provide retail sales.

We are generally associated with the Holidaylettings Website Clone Script which is certainly aid you in launching a unique online travel portal. We can customize this Holidaylettings clone script product to match your business requirements at the best.

Highlights of Features of Holidaylettings Clone Scripts which is listed below

  • Book Hotels
  • Book domestic and international airlines
  • Search by location (country/city)
  • Vacation package listing
  • Different price range for the different luxury level
  • Online payment gateway
  • Upload unlimited images of hotels
  • Hotel room description of the different luxury level.
  • Booking cancel by user/admin.
  • Refund request approved by the admin

Holidaylettings Website Clone Script is the decent platform which is allowed and provided with clear and consistent guidelines for booking and renting which is instead of treating with a harsh regulation which would force the property owners to sell their properties.

Holidaylettings website clone script is a Peer-To-Peer Rental Site than Revert To Traditional Hotel Lodging, Resort.

Disclaimer: The term “HolidayLettings Clone” is used only for marketing purpose only. Abservetech Private Limited owns the entire design and code. No design or code has been used from HolidayLettings Website & We are not related or doing any promotional activities for HolidayLettings.