Best Grab Clone Script

What is Grab Clone?

Grab clone is an online taxi booking platform. It also offers services like online food delivery and online payment services. Our Grab clone script is a ready-made script, which enables entrepreneurs to start a business with it. Our Grab clone has a separate app for both the driver and the passenger.

How does a Grab Clone Script Work?


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Elevate the Growth of Your Multi-Services Business with the Best-in-Market Super App

Cater to a larger audience by launching an app that encompasses multiple services in a single platform. You can effectively meet the growing demands of your users with an innovative solution like our Grab clone script and stand out in the on-demand multi-services market.


What is Grab Clone Script?

Grab clone script is a ready-made software solution that enables entrepreneurs to venture into the on-demand services market and facilitate business operations by leveraging cutting-edge technology. The Grab clone script enables businesses to cater to the vast demands of the users, from taxi booking to food delivery.

The Grab clone app helps streamline the operations of your multi-service business and drive more traffic. With stellar features, you can automate the processes and manage your business most effectively.

Why Go For a Grab Clone Solution?

Users can access multiple services from a single platform. Be it sending packages, ordering food to have it delivered to the doorstep, or even financial solutions, a Grab clone app has so much to offer. So, entrepreneurs can enjoy the possibility of multiple revenue streams by launching an app like Grab.

Multiple Services

Launching an app that offers a vast range of services attracts an extensive customer base with diverse needs.


With the scalability and flexibility that the Grab clone script offers, your on-demand multi-services business can thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Brand Recognition

The prevailing brand awareness surrounding on-demand service providers influences people to build trust and recognition for similar platforms.


Grab clone app is feature-rich, enabling users to achieve their intended tasks, be it tracking, scheduling services, or rating, effortlessly.

Various Solutions Offered in Our Grab Clone Script


Taxi Booking

Car Rental

Bike Rental





Packages and documents

On-Demand Services



House cleaning

Car wash

Grab Clone Customer App Features


Customers can sign up with their phone numbers, email IDs, and also social media login IDs. They can then access services through the Grab clone app.

Select Service

Users can access any service from the vast number of services available on the app, like ride-hailing, courier services, food and grocery delivery, etc.

Payment Options

The Grab clone script enables users to pay for the service through credit or debit cards, internet banking, wallet payment, and COD. They can choose the payment mode according to their convenience.

Real-Time Tracking

Customers can track their orders in real-time using this option. They can also know the location of the driver after booking rides.

Scheduled Service

It allows customers to book services for another time or day. This option lets them schedule services in advance at a time of their preference.

Price Estimation

As customers book services, the Grab clone app gives an estimate of the charges. So it makes it easy for users to know the approximate charge beforehand.

Order History

Under this section, customers can find the list of all their previous orders and service requests. They can view details like order date, amount, etc., and reorder from this list.

SOS Alerts

This feature helps riders reach emergency contacts during emergency times. Riders can add their friends' and family's numbers and send alerts to their mobiles.

Service Provider Features

Profile Management

Service providers can create their profiles after signing up. It includes details like their name, contact number, and other details. They can edit this information anytime.

Upload Document

When registering, drivers and other service providers can submit the necessary documents using this feature for verification. The admin verifies them, and only after approval can they start providing services.

In-App Chat

It is an essential feature of the Grab clone script that enables delivery partners to connect with customers. If they want to clarify the order or address, then they can reach customers through the app.

View Order/ Ride Details

This feature lets partners view the ride and order details. Pick-up and drop-off locations, delivery addresses, and instructions are displayed for the driver and delivery partner to see.

GPS Integration

It is one of the critical features of an app like Grab. Drivers and other service providers will need assistance finding the customer's location. This feature helps them with that and also provides optimized routes.


Drivers can set their availability status online or offline based on whether they can accept service requests. They can work at their convenience.

Track Earning

Service providers can view detailed reports of their earnings. They can see how much they make in a week, month, and year with a detailed structure, including tips and base fare.

Accept/ Decline

Drivers and delivery partners can accept or reject service requests from customers. They can decline if they cannot proceed with the requests for unavoidable reasons.

Store App Features

Order Management

The store manager can view the orders received, processed, and dispatched under this section. It contains other critical information like customer name, delivered address, date, etc.

Product Management

Stores can create product catalogs that have a list of products, prices, and details. They can add or delete what they offer and update item details and prices.

Order History

The store app allows the store manager to see the list of processed orders. It has more information like the transactional and customer details.

In-App Chat

For queries about the order, the Grab clone script lets stores contact the customer. They get a hassle-free experience chatting or calling customers.

Order Status

Stores receive real-time notifications from when they receive an order request to when they are delivered to the customer. Also, stores can manually update statuses when they process and dispatch them.

View Reviews

The feedback left by customers can be viewed by store managers. They can study how well-received their services are among their customers and look to make changes if needed.

Minimum Order Amount

This option enables stores to set the minimum order amount, below which they will not be accepting to take orders.

Revenue Records

The total revenue made, including the number of orders received, order amount, etc., is available for the store manager to see. They can use the information to evaluate how their business is performing.

Admin Panel Features

Dashboard Overview

With the powerful admin dashboard, the admin can view and manage all the business operations. They have access to critical data, including the received and completed deliveries, total revenue generated, etc.

Service Management

The admin can manage the services provided on the app, like taxi booking, food and grocery delivery, etc. They can add or remove services based on the demands of customers.

Track Orders

The admin can track all the received, processed, and ongoing orders received for the various services on the platform.

Manage Drivers/ Service Providers

Admins can manage the drivers and service providers registered with the app. They can collect and verify critical documents and then approve them so that they can provide services.

Payment Gateway

This feature enables the admin to configure payment settings for users of the Grab clone script. They can integrate and manage the payment gateways and provide secure payment modes for users.

Analytics and Reports

The Grab clone script lets the admin view the financial data, including total revenue and profit rates. The admin can get valuable insights and analyze how their business is performing.

Geolocation Settings

The admin can set the area where they provide the services. They can manage the locations where they serve by adding or removing cities, countries, and even particular areas within cities.

App Customization

Customization options let the admin change the layout, logo design, theme, widgets, etc. They can have the app the way they want it, matching their preferences.

Monetization Options in Our Grab Clone Script

Enjoy constant income and maximize your income with the help of multiple revenue streams in our Grab clone script.

Commission Charges

A commission charge is the amount a store or restaurant pays in compensation for using the platform to connect with customers. Similarly, drivers pay a certain amount for every ride received through the app. It is the primary source of revenue for a Grab clone app. The admin can set the commission fees based on several factors.

Delivery Fees

Customers pay delivery fees in addition to the total order amount for every order made on the platform. It is another way how an app like Grab makes money. Factors like distance and availability of partners come into play, determining the delivery fees.

Surge Pricing

Also referred to as dynamic pricing, surge pricing is where the business owner can increase the delivery fees based on the demand. If the demand is high or the weather conditions are severe, surge pricing comes into effect. Many companies, including Uber, apply surge pricing.

Subscription Fees

Users can buy subscription plans on a monthly or yearly basis and get access to premium services. At times when the demand is low, income generated through subscriptions acts as a steady revenue stream.

Promotional Fees

Restaurants and other stores partnering with the on-demand services platform pay a certain amount to get promoted on the platform for improved visibility. Also, business owners can make money through third-party advertising.

Why Choose Abservetech?

We are committed to offering an ideal solution and tailoring the product to meet your goals.

Expert Team

With experience spanning several years in offering best services, we leverage our expertise to provide you with optimal results. We follow an organized approach and ensure effective collaboration to achieve mutual benefits.

100% Customization

You can offer your users personalized experiences with our product. We help set your brand apart from your competitors and carve a niche in the on-demand services market.

Free 6-Month Bug Support

We strive to deliver products that are on par with the best. If there are any issues, we fix them without charging any extra amount in the first six months of your purchase.

Licensed Source Code

We provide the complete source code of the app on purchasing. You can make changes and customize the software as per your needs.

App Submission

You can rest assured that we will take care of submitting the Android and iOS apps to the Play Store and App Store and making them available for your users. We do not charge extra for this service.


You can reach us via Email, Skype, and WhatsApp for assistance and queries related to the project. We address your concerns promptly.

Pricing plans for Grab Clone Script

Features List Lite Pro Enterprise
100% Customizable Source Code
Free One Time installation
Technical support
Free support
Native Mobile App
Multi Domain License
Admin Web Panel
Custom Currency Integration
Multilingual Integration
Default Payment Gateway(Stripe)
Customised Payment Gateway
Bug Resolve
Apps Submission
White label
Website Frontend Panel
CMS Pages
SEO Friendly
Blast email to users
General settings

Frequently Asked Questions

You can see the live demo on our website. If you need more details, Don’t hesitate to reach us at [email protected]

We have a dedicated technical team to provide you with 24×7 customer support. Just drop your query in Email, Phone, or Skype. You will receive a prompt response within 24 business hours.

Yes, we have a range of experts in all domain like Business Analyst, Developer, Tester. They will surely help you to customize all your required needs.

Yes, We will provide customization as per the client’s requirements.

YES, the source code is 100% accessible. We will provide you with the Android, iOS, and Admin Panel. Contact us for more information.

Yes, It is a Multi-Lingual Script and supports both Multi-Language and Multi-Currency.

It is coded in Nodejs 8 and MongoDb using Express 3 Framework, scalable architecture with high emphasis given to REST API, IO operation, etc.

We offer you 100% open-source code. By getting this code, you can edit, modify, customize the script as you wish. Open source code is available with a license.

Yes, we will provide you with the installation free of cost.

Yes, both Android and iOS are the native apps. Android is available in Java with the minimum support from Android KitKat v4.4. iOS is available in Swift 3.x.

Server Configuration

Server Requirements

Nodejs Server
  1. Nodejs Version 8
  2. NPM Version 3
  3. Max_input_vars : “600″
  4. Firebase Billing Account
Web Server
  1. Nginx server (Optional For Proxy)
  2. Linux/Unix
  1. MongoDB 3

Technology Used

  1. MongoDB
  2. ExpressJs
  3. AngularJs
  4. NodeJs

Demo Details


Web Demo

Do you want a free demo of our Grab clone script? Then share your interest and get real working experience.

Mobile Demo

You can get a demo of our Ola Clone app on Android as well as iOS platforms. Customization is also available.


Technologies Used

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