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What is Foodpanda Clone ?

Foodpanda Clone is an online food order and delivery script that is user-friendly. This script lets the customer order food online and helps the registered restaurants manage order requests and the menu listings in their favor. The benefit of using our Foodpanda Clone is that from the time the customer orders food till the time the food gets delivered at their doorsteps, nothing can interrupt the flow except the traffic. Our Foodpanda clone is the best to prefer when someone starts an online food order & delivery business.

Why Choose us?

Free Logo

You can expect a free logo from us. Our designers will provide a logo for you on the purchase of the app.

Free Bug Support

Our team provides you bug-free support for at least six months for your app.

Free App Submission

On the successful development of the app, our team will help you submit the app in the app store or play store.

Free License & Source Code

Once you purchase our product, we provide you with the license & source code for free.

Laravel Admin Panel

As the Laravel framework is the secured platform to develop an app, we built our Foodpanda clone using that.

One Time Payment

We won't nudge you for the payment once you have paid. You don't need to pay from time to time.

Support after App Rejection

Leave your worries behind. We have a reliable team who can guide you and support you when your app gets rejected at the time of submission

Free Technical Support

Our team of developers is always available to clear your queries when you need technical support from our end.

What do we offer?

Customer Panel

Customer or front-end panel comprises food items, menus, restaurants, offers, etc.

Partner Panel

Partner panel is for restaurants, and it comprises order details, order history, payments, transaction history, etc.

Admin Panel

Admin Panel comprises all the features needed to run a successful business, like menu, pages, blogs, languages, user management, etc

Android App

The Foodpanda clone comes with an android app for customers, partners & delivery boys.

iOS App

We want our Foodpanda clone to be accessible across all platforms, which is why we have created an iOS app for customers, partners & delivery boys.

Workflow Video

Best Features of Foodpanda Clone Script

Laravel Framework

Having the best security features lets us choose the Laravel framework to build our Foodpanda clone script. Also, it has elegant syntax to work

Push Notification

Push notification pops up all the messages and current offers to gain the customer's attention and increase sales.

Track Rider Location

To make the job easy for the delivery boy, they have created this module. This module helps them to know the routes to the restaurant and the customer's location.

Payment Services

We have payment gateways and many options to make a payment such as Cash on Delivery, Pay by Credit/Debit cards, etc.,

Promo Codes

Promo codes let the customers enjoy the festive or any occasional offers. Promo codes are the sequence of alphanumeric values and symbols, combining the name of the offer, offer value & percentage.

Explore Restaurants

This module lets us explore all the restaurant details, from the availability of the restaurant to the special menus available.

Track your Order

This module helps the customers in checking the status of their order, from the time the restaurant accepts their request till it gets delivered, and they can track the delivery boy's route too.

User Review & Ratings

Reviews & Ratings lets the customer post the experience they had with the restaurant and the delivery boy. There is a built-in feature that lets others view the reviews and ratings collectively for each restaurant.

Advanced search

This module has specific features like search by restaurants, menus, location, timings, etc., which helps the customer narrow down their search.

Order Scheduling

Order Scheduling is a feature that helps the customers schedule the orders whenever they want them to be delivered.

Secure payment

The Foodpanda Clone script has various payment gateways that help both the customers and the restaurants to have a secured payment transaction.

Restaurant status

This module helps in knowing about the status of any restaurant. The restaurant can also change their availability based on the food availability, order traffic, etc.,

Payment invoice

In this module, the customer can view their payment invoice that includes the payment of food, delivery charges, tax amount, etc.,

Add to favorites

Customers can add their favorite foods, favorite restaurants, favorite menus in this module that helps them to place an order easily.

Payment management

Admin can manage the payment gateway and the type of payment options here.

Commission management

Admin can manage the payment gateway and the type of payment options here.

Social Sharing

To increase sales and customers, the Social Sharing option is enabled. With this option, customers can share their order experience on social media.

Menu Management

Menu management manages all the menus that are available in all the restaurants. The respective restaurants can enable or disable the menus based on their availability.

Email Management

Email management lets the admin send emails in bulk to all the customers to make them aware of the available offers.

Blog Management

Admin has the authority to add or change the titles and meta tags of their sites,publish promotional contents, etc.,

Language Management

Availability of multiple languages helps the admin to have a wide range of customers all over.

User Management

Admin can add or remove the profile of the customers, the restaurants, or the delivery boys and manage their status.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Foodpanda Clone script is an online food ordering software, where the user can start food ordering business within days.

It includes a restaurant, customer, and delivery boy apps. In which the restaurant can add their food items, customers can browse and order foods, and the delivery boy delivers it.

We provide the live demo on our website itself. In the case of more details, reach us at [email protected]

Customer satisfaction is dominant for our team. Therefore, we have a dedicated technical team to provide you 24*7 customer support. Just drop your query by Email, Phone, or Skype. And then you will receive a prompt response within 24 business hours.

Yes! We do. We have a range of expertise in all domain like Business Analyst, Developer, and Tester in order to help you to customize according to your requirements.

It is possible to make money with the Foodpanda Clone Script with the help of vacation offers, promo codes, third party ads, featured listings, etc.

Just search for any Foodpanda Clone script. It is easy to purchase ready-made food ordering script and install to start a new on-demand food ordering business.

Yes. It is a multi-lingual script that supports multi-currency in addition to multi-language.

It is built with Laravel frame 5.1 work. And then it is coded with PHP 5 & MySQL using Laravel frame work along with scalable structural architecture with high emphasize given to JS, Ajax, JQuery, etc.

We offer you the 100% open source code which is not encoded with codes. By getting this code, you can edit, modify, customize the script as you wish. Open source code is available with a license.

Server Configuration

Server Requirements

  1. PHP Version >= 5.6
  2. Max_input_time : “600″
  3. Max_input_vars : “600″
  4. Max_execution_time : “600″
  5. File_uploads: “ON”
  6. Max_file_uploads : “256MB”
  7. Upload_max_filesize : “256MB”
  8. Post_max_size : “256MB”
  9. Memory_limit:”256MB”
  10. Safe_mode: Off
  11. Enable: PDO, File Info, Mbstring, Mcrypt, Shell_exec,Mysqli, Mod_rewrite, Open SSL, Tokenizer

Technology Used

Web Server
  1. Apache 2.0+
Operating systems
  1. Linux/Unix
  1. MySQL 5.6+

Demo Details


Web Demo

The developers from Abservetech built a structured Foodpanda Clone script that is robust by nature. We have provided the link for our web demo, and the clients can check our products and share the reviews with us. They can also mention their need for customization.

Mobile Demo

Foodpanda clone comes with Android & iOS apps. The clients are very much welcome to check the apps and provide their feedback or any customization required.


Technologies Used

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